What Do Japanese Rice Fish Eat? Learn About Their Natural Diet

The Japanese rice fish (known as medaka in Japan) is, by any measure, an excellent aquarium fish—they’re small, hardy, come in a lot of different colors, and are unfussy eaters. However, just because they will happily eat the flake you feed them, doesn’t mean there isn’t more you can do to enhance their diet. Adding … Read more

Can You Feed Broccoli to Cherry Shrimp?

Is it okay to feed broccoli to your cherry shrimp? In this article, we’re going to talk about what cherry shrimp are. After we establish that we’re on the same page, we’ll talk about if it’s okay to feed your cherry shrimp broccoli. Also, we’ll explain how to prepare the broccoli if you do decide … Read more

Oscars And Kribs Tank Mates

Thinking of keepings oscars and kribs together as tank mates? Well, think long and hard—keeping kribs with oscars isn’t exactly an easy proposition. Keep reading to find out why. What Are Kribs? Kribs—short for kribensis—are cichlids that come from a genus of cichlids from Central and West Africa. The genus is called Pelvicachromis. Their natural … Read more

Oscar Tank Mates: Ultimate Guide

Wondering what tank mates you can keep with your oscar cichlid? Oscar cichlids are hugely popular in the aquarium hobby. Not only do they look cool as heck, they also have killer personalities. In fact, every oscar I’ve ever encountered had its own totally unique personality. And that’s going to be important to remember when … Read more

Why Do Guppies Die So Fast?

Why guppies die so fast is a really, really interesting question. The reason this is an interesting question is because it talks about a very specific experience. This question refers to those beautiful guppies you bought at the pet store, got them home, and then in a few days they were all dead. Meanwhile, your … Read more