About Us

This is a terrible picture of him, but this guy is very special to me. My dad gave him to me not long before he passed away. Love this guy.

It says “About Us” but there really is no “us”, it’s just me.

And I don’t really relish talking about myself, but I guess I have a vaguely interesting story about how I got into running this website. And before this, how I started the Instagram account.

So, I’ve been a fishkeeper most of my life. And, so it goes that hurricanes come through where I live: North Carolina. So, Florence came through. You might have heard?

Anyway, so after Hurricane Florence, I guess you could say I was kinda homeless–or “pseudo homeless” as my husband called it at the time. We were bouncing around between family, friends, and hotels.

As a result I just went ahead and rehomed all my tropical fish. I was able to hold onto my goldfish though, and I kept them in 100 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank under a shed in a very kind family member’s back yard.

London Shubunkin
This is one of my fave shubunkins. I want to breed her because she has a really nice body shape and is super interactive.

So, while I was out of commission on the fishkeeping front, I started my Instagram account–@coolfishnetwork–as a way of dealing with not keeping fish.

On that account I just wanted to post pictures of fish that I admired, and fish that I hoped one day I’d be able to keep. I didn’t expect to get as many followers as I did and I didn’t expect to make contact with so many cool people.

It’s true, the online fishkeeping community really is an awesome one.

So anyway, that’s my story as a fishkeeper and the story of how I decided to start a website about fishkeeping.