Breeding and Raising Goldfish

By Guest Writer @LukesGoldies Choosing the right variety of goldfish to breed There are many different types of goldfish that can be chosen to breed, but only certain specific types are actually worth breeding on a small scale for profit. Some adult goldfish such as fantails may only sell for $10-15, but other goldfish such … Read more

Color And Color Changes In Goldfish

The intent of this article is to explain goldfish coloration and why your goldfish might be going through significant color changes as time goes by. For example, did you buy a goldfish with inky black patches only to watch them slowly recede to orange? Or maybe you’ve had a nice red and white goldfish, but … Read more

Are Shubunkins With Black Eyes Blind?

Shubunkins with black eyes can be striking fish, can’t they? Most of us have seen them before. After all, they’re such a common sight at the fish store. In almost every batch of shubunkins for sale I’ve seen at least one or two with black eyes. But, I’ve heard the question a hundred times—are shubunkins … Read more

Mutants, Mutilation, Hybrids & Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Wild fish can be pulled from any body of water in the world, and we can be certain its body is suitable for purpose. Can we say the same at our local fish stores? And, more importantly, how do we feel about the modified bodies of our ornamental fish? We have taken wild fish, starting … Read more