Why Are Koi So Expensive?

Why are koi so expensive? It’s a good question to think about because the answer is multifaceted. And those elements that make up the answer are quite interesting. Although, before we get into answering the question, we have to modify the question. Because koi can be very inexpensive. “Why are SOME koi so expensive?” is … Read more

Difference Between Sanke And Showa

Gosanke Koi Meaning

This is one of those classic questions newcomers to koi need to know the answer to. To the layperson, sanke and showa might seem like the same variety of fish. They’re tri-colored koi after all: white, red, and black! And don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling to tell them apart, even the initiated can … Read more

Doitsu Koi – Meaning Of Doitsu

“Doitsu” koi are a variation of koi that have no scales or very few scales. And if they do have any scales, because of the mutation, they tend to be over-sized and positioned along the fish’s lateral line and across the back of the fish. Also, sometimes the over-sized scales cover more of the body, … Read more