Catappa Leaves, Do They Actually Do Anything?

In this article I want to share everything I know about catappa leaves—aka Indian almond leaves. The topic can seem a bit daunting when you do your first Google searches on the topic. So I’m going to answer as many questions about catappa leaves as I can all in one place! What are catappa leaves? … Read more

Brazil Nut Husks / Pods in a Fish Tank?

Using brazil nut husks (pods as they’re also called) in your aquascape can add something unique, unusual, and less common than the usual elements of rock, wood, and plants! What are brazil nut husks? I’ve seen brazil nuts in shells before, but they’re no good for aquascaping! The brazil nuts we eat aren’t just protected … Read more

How To Breed Super Red Texas Cichlids

*Pictured fish bred by “Goal Red Ruby” – if you want an excellent quality super red Texas cichlid check him out on Facebook. Red Texas Cichlids – What Are They? A red Texas cichlid is a hybrid fish. Ideally, the fish should have a genuine, scarlet red coloration. However, the majority of red Texas cichlids … Read more

Beginner’s Guide: 3 Tips & Tricks For Aquascaping a 10 Gallon Aquarium

Aquascaping is fashionable to an extreme. I can’t look at my Instagram feed without seeing yet another incredible fish tank. As a result, some of us might feel bummed out when no matter how hard we try, we just can’t quite get our tank to look nice. Well, don’t beat yourself up about it; because, … Read more

Top 5 Most Underrated Tetras

5. Black Skirt Tetra The black skirt tetra, or in some parts of the world known as the black widow tetra, is readily available. Younger fish have an attractive black and silver color, but admittedly adults can be duller as the black naturally fades to a silvery gray as they age. However, these fish come … Read more

How To Manage Cichlid Aggression

Cichlid aggression, it gives them so much personality. But, oh boy, it can be a big problem in your aquarium if you don’t manage it correctly. Are your oscars biting chunks out of each other? Does your midas kill everything it sees? Are your angel fish picking on each other? Has your male cichlid attacked … Read more

My Aquarium Filter Has Stopped Working! What Should I Do?

A fishkeeper friend recently messaged me in a panic. She was worried if her oscars were going to die while her filter was offline; she was waiting a couple of days to get a replacement part to fix her filter.  So, she posted her question in a Facebook group. She received some alarming answers. I, … Read more

Can Oscars & Frontosas Be Kept Together?

As fishkeepers some of us like to keep single species tanks, but most of us like to mix and match.  Why?  Because it’s cool to have different fish together, that’s why. So that brings me to purpose of this article: mixing oscars with frontosas; is it a good idea? I’ll break down some of the … Read more

Mutants, Mutilation, Hybrids & Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Wild fish can be pulled from any body of water in the world, and we can be certain its body is suitable for purpose. Can we say the same at our local fish stores? And, more importantly, how do we feel about the modified bodies of our ornamental fish? We have taken wild fish, starting … Read more