Best Aquarium Filter Media & Guide To Filtration

Best aquarium filter media—it’s a bold and, honestly, seductive claim. Whether you’re new to the fishkeeping hobby, or maybe you’ve been around the block once or twice, who can resist wanting to know and use the best filter media? Well, unfortunately it’s not that simple, because there is no filter media that is the best … Read more

Do You Really Need A Filter In Your Aquarium?

Do you really need a filter in your fish tank? I love this question. Mainly because it really busts open the topic of aquarium filtration, especially biological filtration! Asking whether an aquarium needs a filter or not provides an opportunity to lay down some solid foundations. Aquarium Filtration Basics – How Do Fish Tank Filters … Read more

Best Hang On Back Filter

There are a lot of hang on back (or HOB) aquarium filters available. So, in this piece we’re going to have a quick look at each of them to consider the pros and cons. Penn Plax Cascade The Penn Plax HOB filter is a quiet runner—so if you have a show aquarium in your living … Read more

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Aquarium Gravel?

You want to be a good fishkeeper, you want your fish to be happy and healthy. So, naturally, you want to know how often you should vacuum your aquarium gravel. After all, that’s where your fish’s poop settles. And you wouldn’t ignore poop in your cat’s litter or your guinea pig’s bedding. It stands to … Read more

Are Box Filters / Corner Filters Better Than Sponge Filters?

Are box filters better than sponge filters? It’s a good question, because these two filters occupy a similar niche in the aquarium hobby. Specifically, they’re both relatively cheap, air pump-driven aquarium filters. Furthermore, they both offer mechanical and biological filtration. What Is A Box Filter? A box filter, also known as a corner filter, is … Read more

Fluval FX6 Vs Eheim 2262

Fluval FX6 vs Eheim 2262—which is the best? Fishkeepers love fish, and we have extra love for our own fish especially. That’s the reason why we want the best of the best when it comes to equipment. Nobody among us wants to lose a fish because we skimped on, in this case, getting the best … Read more

Fluval FX6 Equivalents, Alternatives, & Comparisons

If you’re a fishkeeper, an aquarium hobbyist, then you’ve probably heard that the Fluval FX6 is the best canister filter money can buy. In fact, some would argue that it’s the best filter of any kind that money can buy. However, the truth usually isn’t so clear cut when it comes to picking out the … Read more

Finnex Stingray vs Stingray 2

Finnex Stingray vs Stingray 2 – is it better? And, if it is better, is it worth the extra money? For a while now, the Finnex Stingray has been an excellent choice for fishkeepers who don’t want to shell out too much for a light. While it might be cheaper than the best of the … Read more