Flowerhorns And Red Texas Cichlids – What’s The Difference?

difference between flowerhorn and red texas cichlid

Flowerhorns and red Texas cichlids—what’s the difference? Some people think a red Texas cichlid is a type of flowerhorn, and others don’t. So, in this pieice I’m aiming to answer that question along with some others: Are red Texas cichlids flowerhorns? How do you tell the difference between a flowerhorn and a red Texas? Can … Read more

Fireman’s Dream Flowerhorn

The “fireman’s dream” is a type of flowerhorn cichlid created by legendary Thai breeder Wuddy! What Are Flowerhorns? Flowerhorns are hybrid cichlids, they are created by mixing several different species of Central American cichlids. The trimac cichlid is thought to be the base used for flowerhorn strains. You can see evidence of this in the … Read more

Oscar vs Flowerhorn – Which Is The Best “Wet Pet”?

Oscar vs flowerhorn! Which is the best wet pet? It’s tough to say, so I thought I’d run through the pros and cons of each. If you’ve been struggling to decide between them, well, hopefully by the end of this article you will have made your mind up! What Is A “Wet Pet” Anyway? You … Read more