Sailfin Molly Species Profile

orange sailfin molly

So, you’ve either bought or are thinking about buying some sailfin mollies? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll cover what you need to know to keep them successfully, and there’ll be a few tidbits that might surprise you. There’s a reason the popular fish are the popular fish. Think of … Read more

Angelfish And Betta Together?

It’s always worthwhile to talk about the merits of mixing commonly available fish. Being so readily available means that, inevitably, somebody out there wants to mix an X and a Y. And in the case of this article, the X and the Y are angelfish and betta fish. And to keep things accurate, I want … Read more

Lutino vs Albino Oscar – What’s The Difference?

In the wild, oscars have a brown base with orange stripes or patches. But in our fish stores, I’m sure we’ve all seen oscars with a white base instead of a brown base. Naturally, we might think “oh, a white form of a fish I know… it must be an albino form!” And with oscars, … Read more

Color And Color Changes In Goldfish

The intent of this article is to explain goldfish coloration and why your goldfish might be going through significant color changes as time goes by. For example, did you buy a goldfish with inky black patches only to watch them slowly recede to orange? Or maybe you’ve had a nice red and white goldfish, but … Read more

Are Shubunkins With Black Eyes Blind?

Shubunkins with black eyes can be striking fish, can’t they? Most of us have seen them before. After all, they’re such a common sight at the fish store. In almost every batch of shubunkins for sale I’ve seen at least one or two with black eyes. But, I’ve heard the question a hundred times—are shubunkins … Read more

How To Breed Super Red Texas Cichlids

*Pictured fish bred by “Goal Red Ruby” – if you want an excellent quality super red Texas cichlid check him out on Facebook. Red Texas Cichlids – What Are They? A red Texas cichlid is a hybrid fish. Ideally, the fish should have a genuine, scarlet red coloration. However, the majority of red Texas cichlids … Read more

Top 5 Most Underrated Tetras

5. Black Skirt Tetra The black skirt tetra, or in some parts of the world known as the black widow tetra, is readily available. Younger fish have an attractive black and silver color, but admittedly adults can be duller as the black naturally fades to a silvery gray as they age. However, these fish come … Read more

Can Oscars & Frontosas Be Kept Together?

As fishkeepers some of us like to keep single species tanks, but most of us like to mix and match.  Why?  Because it’s cool to have different fish together, that’s why. So that brings me to purpose of this article: mixing oscars with frontosas; is it a good idea? I’ll break down some of the … Read more